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​효능이 입증된 마법같은 피부개선 솔루션

정제된, 순수한, 이성적인, 기능적인 ,전문적인 티센 화장품

The Purest form of excitement


Difference in 'technology' is the difference in 'absorbency'

TISSEN’s flagship products are collagen-based intensive skin therapies: Bioactive Collagen Essense and Bioactive Collagen Mask. These formulas are medically engineered with the world’s most highly purified atelocollagen which is a truly non-immunogenic, bio-compatible element in the most active animal-source form.


Collagen of this quality has never before been offered in topical cosmetic preparations.

Our cosmetics are CFDA and FDA-registered, preservative-free formulas that are highly tolerated by even the most sensitive individuals. These products are indicated for all who are seeking  skin resiliency to make it appear plumper, smoother, more supple, and more youthful. Additionally, skin nourished with TISSEN collagen is able to function more effectively as part of a healthy body’s natural defense system.

Our Story

Tissen researches and developes medical collagen of a pure grade which applies to human health and beauty...

What We Do

Tissen found out that ionized atelo-collagen  helps to improve skin resiliency...

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"I feel something lifting my skin strongly, and I feel like home special, not home care.”

— Naver ID @Hongcha


“ What a outstanding!.

This is real, real and real”

— Naver ID @Dorothyl92


“ I can feel the effect of tightening in my face..”

— Peter Paek


“When it comes to my wrinkle improvement, I 100% believe Tissen bio-active collagen cosmetics perform the best! ”

— Jessica Warren

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