Bioactive Collagen Cosmetics

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1. What is Bioactive Collagen?


Bioactive collagen is top quality medical grade (99% purity) which costs $500/1g

We ionized the collagen and the ionized collagen successfully penetrated the skin with maintaining the properties of collagen.



2. Skin penetration test


To check whether the ionized collagen is really absorbed into the skin, we performed a comparative experiment with skin permeability by attaching a fluorescent substance to the collagen molecule

3. Patent lists & certification

Patent 1: Method of atelo-collagen seperation

Patent 2: Manufacturing method of succinylated (anionized) atelocollagen

Patent 3: Manufacturing method of esterified (cationized) atelocollagen

Patent 4: Cosmetic essence composition for improving skin wrinkles and composition method thereof.

Certification 1: FDA

Certification 2: CFDA

4. Media
After FDA registration in 2008, it was first used in American plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and esthetics.
Top broadcasts have broadcasted its effectiveness.

"Tissen removes both ends of the collagen molecule that cause an immune response. It has an anionic character and therefore Tissen is well absorbed into the skin"

"Previous collagen products are so large and heavy that their molecules can not penetrate into the skin.

However, the ionized collagen penetrates into the skin."

"The youth come from the mask."

Collagen essence

Pure ionized collagen essence penetrates deep into skin, giving the skin a sense of tight elasticity...

Collagen mask

When applying the collagen mask 40 minutes, you will feel vital skin and feel enhanced sense of resilience...


A new way to fill skin with moisture and keep moisture long...